Bring Back Thrift Week
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January 17-23


Observed every year up through the 1960s around the January 17th birthday of Benjamin Franklin, National Thrift Week was a coast-to-coast celebration of responsible consumerism. It was organized primarily by community groups, government agencies, professional organizations, financial institutions, and places like your local thrift store.

This year, we want you to join the festivities! Check out our collaboration with Verily Magazine all this month for fashionable tips and other great, thrifty ideas. Download our Thrift Challenge app to turn your responsible habits into a game. Bring a friend to the thrift store the next time you go and show them the ropes.

Despite what the ever-present commercials and advertisements tell us, thrift can be fun and it should always be in style!

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Engaging students in Thrift!
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Thrift Store Runway

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